April 28, 2020

How To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet

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Spilling red wine on a carpet, especially a light coloured carpet, is every ones nightmare but with prompt action and simple liquids and tools you find in any home help is at hand.

  1. Red wine spillage occurs.
  2. Dilute immediately with white wine, allow to soak into the red wine a few seconds.
  3. Dab, don’t rub, with lots of white kitchen roll to absorb the liquid, you should see red start to appear on the kitchen roll.
  4. Wet the area with warm soapy water, washing up liquid is good for this.
  5. Absorb the wet area with more kitchen roll until nearly dry.
  6. Now wet the same area with clean cold water then absorb with kitchen roll. At this point it is helpful to stand on the kitchen roll to put pressure on to absorb the liquids out of the fibres.
  7. Once you cannot get any more wetness out of the carpet lightly fluff up the fibres with your hand and leave to dry and vacuum the following day.

At no point during this process should you rub the carpet as it will spread the stain. causing a bigger problem. Dabbing the liquid with kitchen roll will remove the stain from the carpet fibres.

If you need extra help or advice please feel free to contact us.